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The EPIC Playbook offers practitioners an early picture of the EPIC model, including both its core rationale as well as insights into how it works day-to-day. As of this publication, the model is being implemented by three NYC public schools that have just completed their first year. The Playbook is meant to act as a guide and resource for anyone working to put this model into practice at the school and district levels as well as contribute to broader learning communities that share similar values and principles.

This document highlights four distinguishing features of our approach: Competency-Based Education, Culturally Responsive Education, Human-Centered Design, and Integrated Learning. For each feature, we consider the research that informed our implementation, briefly restate key principles related to the approach, provide a short overview of principle-driven practices in our schools, and offer frontline artifacts as primary illustrations of these practices.

We designed this Playbook as a living document. In keeping with our value of continuous growth and improvement, we invite the comments, questions, and criticisms of readers in order to inform stronger future iterations of both the Playbook and the model as it evolves over time.